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Should I get a prenup?

The wedding day is approaching, and the couple allocated a year preparing every detail to ensure this important day is ...
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I want to file a no-fault divorce – What Do I Do?

The first step is to file a divorce complaint. For a no-fault divorce, the plaintiff should file under sections 3301(c) ...
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Emergency Custody Relief in Pennsylvania – Does it Exist?

Pennsylvania’s Child Custody Act permits a court to award a custody litigant emergency relief in certain limited circumstances. Pa. Rule ...
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Custody: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Child Custody How is child custody determined? Pennsylvania’s Child Custody Act sets forth that the court’s ...
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Preparing to Separate from Your Spouse

Make a list of all property acquired during the marriage. All property acquired during the marriage that exists at separation, ...
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Difference between no-fault and fault divorce

Difference between no-fault and fault divorces: In a no-fault divorce, a divorce is requested on the grounds that the marriage is ...
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