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We aggressively represent parents in all aspects of support proceedings. We thoroughly review all the facts of your case, help you get the information you need to advance your goals, and help you understand what to expect in your child support case.

The Pennsylvania Support Guidelines provide the framework for determining child support. Each parent’s net income must be determined in accordance with the Guidelines. “Income’’ includes income from any source. Pennsylvania law provides that “income” includes but is not limited to the following:

  • wages, salaries, bonuses, fees and commissions;
  • net income from business or dealings in property;
  • interest, rents, royalties, and dividends;
  • pensions and all forms of retirement;
  • income from an interest in an estate or trust;
  • Social Security disability benefits, Social Security retirement benefits, temporary and permanent disability benefits, workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation;
  • alimony if, in the discretion of the trier of fact, inclusion of part or all of it is appropriate; and
  • other entitlements to money or lump sum awards, without regard to source, including lottery winnings, income tax refunds, insurance compensation or settlements; awards and verdicts; and any form of payment due to and collectible by an individual regardless of source.

All parents in Pennsylvania are required to support their children no matter how much time they spend with their child. If a parent is not working it may be necessary to determine that parent’s earning capacity. We can help you understand how earning capacity is decided.

The Guidelines also consider the number of children, how much custody time each parent has, child care costs, health care costs, a child’s special needs, and regular costs for the children.

The child support obligation can be modified if there is a change in circumstances like loss of employment or a change in one’s income. We can help you petition the court to modify a support order and develop the information necessary to present your case.

If a party refuses to disclose relevant financial information, we aggressively pursue information that our clients are entitled to so that child support can be properly calculated. If a parent is self-employed or receives tips at their job, it can be difficult for a parent who does not have experienced legal representation to uncover information necessary to calculate child support. We help you find information and will petition the court if necessary for an order to acquire certain information.

We also help parents enforce support orders. If a parent refuses to pay child support, we navigate you through the steps that are necessary in a contempt action.

We represent parents in child support cases throughout Central Pennsylvania at Domestic Relations Conferences and in Hearings before Support Masters and Judges. 

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