High asset divorce requires the experience of a trusted divorce attorney who knows how to handle the complex issues that can arise in these cases. If your marital assets include real estate, including condominiums, vacation homes, mobile homes, time shares, and other important holdings such as businesses, stock options, stocks, mutual funds, money market accounts, various bank accounts, certificates of deposit, retirement plans, deferred compensation plans, you need a divorce attorney who understands finance and tax consequences.

You will need an attorney who can work with you to identify and inventory all the assets and debt in your marital estate. As part of this process, careful examination of financial circumstances and discovery of hidden assets occurs. You will help acquiring values for all the personal and real property and financial assets. It is very important that all the assets are properly valued. Often times, an expert is required for this process. Select an attorney who has strong working relationships with financial experts, tax experts, forensic accountants and business valuation experts who collaborate to provide you with a team of experts who is on your side throughout the process. Once all the property has been identified and valued, the property will be equitably divided. This does not mean that your marital estate will be divided equally. There are many scenarios in which one spouse may receive a larger share of the marital estate than the other spouse.

When the financial stakes are high it is important that you have an experienced attorney on your side who knows how to handle complex child support, spousal support and alimony issues. Determining the amount of support can be complicated for individuals who are high-income earners or business owners.


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