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p17More and more family law clients are exploring the benefits that Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes such as mediation and arbitration can have in divorce, custody and support cases. ADR models can help families resolve disputes peacefully without the need for court. When done correctly, parties who commit to resolving conflicts using ADR models often spend less money and experience less stress then those who insist upon engaging in adversarial litigation.

Attorney Mehaffie is proud to offer her client several (ADR) options to help families resolve conflicts with little or no court intervention. We can customize ADR services to meet the needs of each individual client.

Attorney Mehaffie is trained in Collaborative Law, Mediation and peaceful negotiations. She is also a trained Parent Coordinator.

ADR models can help families resolve disputes economically and quickly. We believe that parents who empower themselves to resolve their own conflicts using ADR often experience less stress then those who litigate in an adversarial manner.

Attorney Mehaffie is a trained mediator. She has helped many clients negotiate conflicts and reach resolutions without litigation.

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