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Being a father of a child can be a wonderful experience. dsc_0158-edit-editThere are significant legal and financial responsibilities that go hand in hand with being a father. When the question of paternity arises, we can navigate you through very important issues. We represent fathers and mothers in paternity cases throughout Central Pennsylvania.


The easiest way to establish paternity is to sign an acknowledgement of paternity. If a DNA test is needed, samples will be collected for the purported father and child. This process is simple and painless. The two samples are analyzed and compared to determine the probability of paternity. We can work with DNA experts to determine paternity.


Once paternity is established, it is necessary to determine a father’s rights to custody or visitation with the child. Each case is different and some biological fathers may not be able to gain custody or visitation rights. Others may have a viable claim. We have experience in evaluating paternity cases and helping fathers advance proper claims. We can evaluate your case, provide advice and take the necessary action to establish your visitation and custody rights. We also represent mothers who oppose visitation with the biological father.


Once paternity is established, a natural father can be court ordered to pay child support even if he does not have visitation or custody rights. We represent mothers seeking child support in these situations and help fathers as well. We represent men who dispute parentage of a child.

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