Thorough approach handling teen custody

October 17, 2016

A friend of mine who is an attorney told me about Ms.Mehaffie after I informed her that I was in a pickle having wasted 6 weeks with another attorney who I felt was not handling my case with care and left me feeling very uneasy. I fired the other attorney and hired Ms.Mehaffie. I am absolutely confident that I made the right decision in doing so. Ms.Mehaffie assured me that she could make the scheduled custody hearing when I hired her a few weeks prior after terminating my previous attorney. Ms.Mehaffie was up front, honest and direct in her approach which I found to be comforting. I had no surprises, she kept me in the loop on all matters, provided helpful consult and kept things moving along smoothly. I was confident and assured while working with her that I was in good hands. It was a pleasure with to work with a capable, intelligent woman, and her staff, who knew exactly how to help me in my situation. She turned an extremely stressful situation into one that was managable with her expertise. I highly recommend her for custody matters.

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